Design: The curious world of the moquette

Believe it or not, the Bluebell Railway has a mini website dedicated to British railway seating moquettes.  It turns out to be rather delightful and, thrills unbounded, I’m planning to tweet a series links to some of the more appealing fabrics. Sadly it doesn’t cover the more striking (or garish, depending on your perspective) designs of the 1970s and 1980s, of which more below.

British Rail’s once-ubiquitous Trojan fabric.
The Bluebell’s charming moquette pages can be found here: Dave Clarke has also published a selection of moquettes on Flickr here –

More modern and contemporary designs are supplied by Camina Fabrics, successors to Holdsworth, long-standing suppliers of fabrics to the British rail and bus industry.  Their site is here – –  and shows a number of familiar modern designs, including those used by British Rail in the 1980s, train operators, London Underground and London Overground.

Overground moquette

Victoria line moquette


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